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Despite the parents are married or not, breaking a relationship can have traumatic effects on the lives of the children. The courts of Prince William Virginia recognize this and emphasize satisfying the best interests of children. Their interests are the guide that the courts use when it comes to resolving the issues of family rights and the problems of custody and visitation of children.

Separation Agreements

Unlike many other states, Prince William Virginia has no legal separation granted by the courts. However, the husband and wife can enter into a separation agreement, which stipulates that they will live apart and apart and divide their assets and debts into a mutually acceptable solution. These agreements usually include provisions relating to the resolution of any other outstanding issues of the parties, such as custody of the children and regime of visitation, child and spousal maintenance. With an agreement in place, once the parties have separated and lived separately for the corresponding period (six months without children under age, twelve months with minor children), either party can present for a divorce by agreement in the separation plant. The lawyers have years of experience in drafting and negotiating separation agreements. For more information, see

Separation Agreements in Prince William Virginia

Custody and Visits regime

The attorneys are veterans of many tough custody battles, fighting on behalf of mothers, fathers, and grandparents, in custody cases throughout Northern Prince William Virginia. We have experience both with the initial custody of the determinations and also cases of the relocation of the custody to the parents or modification of the state of the orders of the court. We also have experience with the cases of the house of studies, the custody of the evaluators.

Nino’s help

The maintenance cases in the state of Prince William Virginia range from very simple matters related to the routine application of the Prince William Virginia maintenance guidelines, for very complex cases involving the imputation of income to a party that is voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. Our attorneys have experience in handling each type of child support case in the courts of Northern Prince William Virginia. For more information, including the application of the Prince William Virginia child help guidelines, what Prince William Virginia counts as income, compliance, voluntary reduction of income and modification of support, see the help of Nino of Prince William Virginia.

The divorce

Our attorneys have years of experience in litigation divorce cases in each of the rulings based on Prince William Virginia motives, including adultery. Cruelty (physical or mental), abandonment (real or “constructive”), and conviction for crime and confinement more than one year. We also handle divorces by agreement, under the no-fault reasons of (1) the separation of at least twelve months, or (2) the separation of at least six months, with a separation agreement and no children minors.

Protection Orders

The Prince William Virginia Code authorizes courts to issue emergency protection orders. Preliminary orders of protection and orders of protection, which are all directed at “family abuse,” including the abuse of household members. Courts in Prince William Virginia can also enter protective orders to protect children from harm, even when the damage does not rise to the family abuse. These orders are separated from each other; some can be introduced faster than others, and all of them provide different solutions. The lawyers have years of experience representing both parties in the cases of protection orders.


Adoption is the process by which children who have been permanently and legally separated from their biological parents are placed with new parents. The adoptive parents are given the same obligations and rights as biological parents, while the rights and obligations of the biological parents are terminated. Our attorneys have years of experience representing biology and adoption of parents in adoptions throughout Northern Prince William Virginia.

Before marriage Agreements

A premarital agreement protects the premarital assets of one or both parties and allows a couple to contemplate the division of property before marriage. Despite the widespread belief that premarital are only for the rich and famous, a prenuptial agreement is something that each marries couple should consider. The lawyers have experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating premarital under Prince William Virginia law.

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