Domestic Assault Lawyer in Loudoun VA

Domestic violence is a real accusation in Loudoun County, Virginia. Cases of domestic violence tend to be emotionally charged and can therefore be troublesome on a legitimate individual level. When someone is confronted with such an allegation, it is critical that they behave with help and admonition so that an experienced Loudoun County attorney who can approach the case with the ability to acknowledge and acknowledge the client’s concerns can.

Domestic violence in Loudoun County, Virginia, is typically characterized by high levels of emotional distress and a lack of respect for the rights of the victim. Allegations of domestic violence can be extremely distressing for a defendant, including the family and the individual. There are typically two types of domestic violence cases in Loudoun County.

In such cases, someone deals with the criminal aspect of the indictment, but also with the emotional issues that accompany it. Penalties in Loudoun County can be punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and / or six months in prison or both.

Carry a year in prison and a $2,500 fine. Probation is the likely punishment if it is a first case – a misdemeanor. If domestic violence is considered aggravating or not, the court may consider an individual participating in an anger management program or completing an in-network benefit as a “first offender” plan. If the individual remains an inconvenience, the case can be dismissed.

Whenever there is an allegation or charge of domestic violence, a protective order is issued by the court. The alleged victim then has the right to apply for an extension of the protection orders from two weeks to two years.

Loudoun domestic violence attorneys should clearly understand what happened in court. The individual must make a top-to-bottom statement about what is happening.

The fundamental problem with cases of domestic violence is that the vast majority of cases are what – you say – situations. It is therefore crucial that two people, including the accused and the alleged victim, represent their side of the story. We want to know as many facts about the case as possible so that we do not give a new statement of evidence in court. These things are important to protect a case, because a case of domestic violence is routinely based on the testimony of an individual and not on a group of accused persons or alleged victims. It is important that the individual understands exactly what happened and can explain it clearly to the court. The outcome of a case depends on what the accused and the alleged victim say about the facts.

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