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Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers in Loudoun, Virginia.

The Loudoun, Virginia sex crimes defense attorneys of SRIS, P.C., have extensive experience in sex crimes cases and all other aspects of criminal sex offender defense.

It is important to seek a SRIS Law Group, P.C. Loudoun, Virginia sex crime defense lawyer if you have been charged with a sex offense in Loudoun, Virginia.  A sex crime conviction carries serious consequences, but there are solutions and defenses to these sex offense charges in Virginia. The attorneys in our firm who defend clients charged with a sex crime in Loudoun, Virginia have extensive experience in aggressively defending individuals charged with sex offenses.

If you wish to consult a SRIS, P.C. sex crimes defense attorney in Loudoun, Virginia please simply contact us via phone or by filling out our on-line form. A Loudoun, Virginia sex offense defense lawyer of the SRIS Law Group, P.C. will consult with you regarding your matter.

The Loudoun, Virginia sex crimes defense lawyers at the SRIS Law Group, P.C., defend a wide range of sexual offense law crimes, including: rape, child molestation, child abuse, date rape, FMS (False Memory Syndrome), indecent exposure, Münchhausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, sex offender registration, possession/distribution/sale of child pornography (kiddie porn), sexual battery, lewd conduct, spousal rape, statutory rape and internet sex crimes such as solicitation of a minor via internet (computer solicitation of a minor, sexual solicitation of a minor, use of a comminication system to solicit a minor).

Our Loudoun, Virginia sex offense defense lawyers are committed to offering honest and sound advice. Most important, our Loudoun, Virginia sex crimes defense attorneys will defend and advocate your case aggressively and vigorously both in plea negotiations and in the courtroom.

Our sex crimes defense attorneys and staff in Loudoun, Virginia speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malaysian.

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Our Loudoun, Virginia criminal defense attorneys defend criminal cases in the following jurisdictions:

Loudoun County, Clarke County, Warren County, Frederick County, Shenandoah County, Page County, Rappahannock County, Culpeper County, Fauquier County, Rockingham County, Harrisonburg & Augusta County.